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Our activities at FACE are reflected in our vision and mission statements


Our vision (which is our AIM), as an organisation is to inspire a passion for academics to financially challenged individuals and the youths.


FACE's mission is to encourage the youths and the less privileged ones in the society to acquire a reasonable level of education to improve their livelihoods and make a meaningful contribution to their societies. To create a big impact and achieve a better solution in our pursuit, we have prioritized our strategies in the following OBJECTIVES: 

  1. Raising awareness of our vision in schools, social media and communities so that the failing hope of anyone in dire need of continuing his/her academic career will be reactivated.
  2. Supporting and advising people on the best career pathway to follow based on our critical analysis of their interest and capacity
  3. Encouraging people morally and financially to attain their preferred level of education by giving scholarships to the best performed students and less privileged but willing youths.


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